5 Most Sustainable Ways to Dispose of Furniture

April 22, 2021

Did you know that nine million tons of furniture go to landfills every year?

In honor of Earth day, we wanted to take some time to talk about a couple of ways that you can avoid contributing to this number.

Selling Online & Upcycling

Is your furniture in good condition? If it is, why throw it a way? After all, one man's junk can be another's treasure. Consider selling it online.

Here are a couple of commonly known websites where you can sell items for free (I'm sure you've heard of them):

Even if your furniture is not in the best condition and has a couple of scruffs around the edges, consider upcycling and selling it. You'll probably end up getting more money in the end anyway, plus you'll have fun and learn a new skill while doing it!

Donate to a Local Charity or Business

If you're not in the mood to sell, why not drop it off at your local charity?

Your region/city may also provide a list online where you can see which local businesses may be in need of the item you no longer need. Take the time to check it out!

Here at Quagga Designs, we have an initiative which we called Quagga Gives Back. We get in touch with charities that express that they need bed frames. When a customer wants to return one of our products, we see if there is a charity nearby who can pick it up instead of sending it all the way back to our warehouse. As a result, we save time, money, and energy in sending the product back, and we give someone a bed frame who needs it!

Give it Away Online

Freecycle is a nonprofit where people can give and get items for free within their towns with the goal of keeping those items out of the landfill. Who doesn't want free stuff while also doing something good for the planet?

Trade Websites

Websites like Bunz is a great place to trade items. You can trade lots of different items from clothing, to houseplants, to furniture, and anything in between. Why not trade your piece of furniture for something else you might actually use regularly?

Hire an Eco-Friendly Removal Service

So you've exhausted all of the options above and you don't want to sell, donate, give it away, or trade it. Sure, leaving it on the side of the road might mean someone will pick it up and sell it or use it for themselves. But if that doesn't happen, when garbage pickup day comes around they will just dispose of it, and we want to do what we can to prevent that from happening. That leaves us with one final option: recycling.

You might be wondering, how do I properly go about doing this in the best way possible? That's a great question and I'm glad you asked. It's actually something everyone should be asking. Knowing how to do this efficiently is extremely important whether you are moving, downsizing, or updating.

The best option is to hire an eco-friendly removal service. Here are a few options:


Getting rid of furniture doesn't mean that you have to dispose of it. There are plenty of options to go with, from donating to someone who needs it, giving it away, or trading it. Who knows? You might actually have fun disposing your furniture (like refurbishing), or make some extra cash on the side by selling it. Just by doing a little bit of research, and you'll be well on your way to finding a solution that doesn't hurt the environment even further.