Best Bed Slats for the Best Sleep

December 15, 2020

Buying a bed is an important decision.

After all, you will be sleeping on the thing for the next decade or so (hopefully the rest of your life if the quality is good enough. We've got you covered on that though). As a result, the slats which will be supporting your mattress, and ultimately your back, should be taken into serious consideration.

Well-functioning sleep system as a basic element for a restful sleep

A restful sleep is important to regenerate our body. However, if we are unable to maintain a stable position due to a lack of support from our bed, it will lead to back pain and spinal problems later on in life. This significantly affects the well being of our body and can lead to more fatigue. Often the reasons for poor sleep are blamed on the wrong bed, but even a good mattress will not help if the other bed components aren't right.

The tasks of a slatted base

The wood slat is the part of the bed on which the mattress rests and is held and supported by it. It is responsible for good air circulation, which is necessary to ventilate the bed well and to avoid moisture and mold.

Did you know that a person loses on average up to half a liter of liquid during the night? Pretty gross, I know. Bed frame slats also help the body rest so that the spine can be relieved.

How should the frame be constructed?

A high number of slats always have a positive effect on sleeping comfort. The bed slats are usually made of wood or fiberglass. With a higher number of slats, the slatted frame can also react more precisely and flexibility is achieved to the pressure of the body. Depending on the length of the model, a bar number between 10 and 20 makes sense. For people with a very high body weight, the frame should have even more wood slats to be able to absorb the weight adequately. Their distance is also important. Experts consider a distance of 2 to 3 inches to be optimal. The thickness and the mounting of the slats play a vital part in the flexibility of the slats. For example, the design of the Tic-Tac-Toe bed requires us to cut squares for interlocking the individual slats and thus results in a more flexible bed frame.

Tic Tac Toe bed frame.
Tic-Tac-Toe slats

The pressure zones

Often slatted frames have several zones and should be adapted to the sleeping pad. Significant zones are, for example, the shoulder comfort zone and the middle zone reinforcement. The latter has an adjustment option to change the hardness of the groins in the lower back and in the pelvic area.

Pressure ones on a bed frame.

For this purpose, sliders are attached, with the help of which certain additional strips are activated to adjust the hardness from soft to firm.

Especially in the pelvic area, effective cushioning is extremely important in order to be able to sleep in a relaxed way. An optimal adjustment of the middle zone reinforcement is just as important for back and abdominal sleepers as for side sleepers.

The shoulder comfort zone cannot be adjusted. It consists of particularly weel-cushioning and flexible groins, which cause a relaxing lowering of the shoulders. This ensures that the spine cannot buckle in this area. The natural S-shape of the spine is also supported when sleeping in the side position.

Which slatted base for which mattress?

Rigid slatted slat

The non-adjustable version is intended, for example, for spring core or barrel spring core mattresses. The feathers in these mattress types must not be bent to maintain their positive properties for good sleep. They are also far too rigid to adapt to the bed frame. Therefore, they need a simple model that cannot be changed.

Manually adjustable bed frame

With this version, the desired lying position can be adjusted manually. For all latex and foam mattresses, such a slatted base is the optimal choice. In most cases, both the headboard and the foot part can be individually adjusted. the disadvantage compared to the motorized alternative is, that it is not changeable while lying on the bed.

Electric slatted slats

An electric slatted slat system is the most sophisticated design of this bed component. With it, different settings for desired lying positions can be made in a very comfortable way with the help of an engine. there are 2-, 3- and 4- motor variants. This allows several settings of the different body zones. This variant is also suitable for all latex and foam mattresses.

Simple slat system

The main purpose of this system is the support and ventilating of the mattress. Its advantages is, that it can be simply rolled up, because it lacks the stabilizing frame. These slats can be easily transported and are suitable for all foam mattresses. However, since the cross bars are not flexible, they are recommended for occasional sleeping such as guest beds and only used from time to time.

Good sleep with the right slats

Good sleep can only be achieved with the right combination of bed frames and adequate mattresses. Both components must fit together. A perfect match gives you a good night's rest and ensures that you start the next morning well rested.

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