At Quagga Designs, timing is everything. The last thing we want is to waste your's.

We tested to see how long each of our bed frames would take to assemble.
The Rustic takes 2:53! Spend less time assembling, more time sleeping.


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$ 599.00 
*Headboard not included.

The Rustic bed frame shows the beautiful, warm textures of the wood grain. Each bed is made of selected Canadian Birch with solid wood legs expertly handcrafted. With only minutes required for assembly, the contemporary look combined with its rustic materials goes well with any bedroom décor. Comes in queen or king sizes. Ships in 2 boxes.

Package Details:
Box 1 of 2 (base): L89" x W13" x H7" 66lbs
Box 2 of 2 (slats): L62" x W14" x H3" 38lbs

Box 1 of 2 (base): L89" x W13" x H7" 71lbs
Box 2 of 2 (slats): L78" x W14" x H3" 50lbs
  • Made from natural Birch plywood
  • Natural oil finish
  • One of the strongest wood beds on the market
  • Easy assembly and take down
  • No squeaking
  • Box spring optional but not required
  • Non-toxic
  • platform bed canada
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*Extra shipping charges may apply for Canadian territories (North West Territories, Nunavut, the Yukon, Labrador).
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A GIF showing how the pieces go together for the Quagga Designs Rustic bed frame
The Rustic's warm textures and wood grain makes any home inviting. Each corner of the bed has lap joints which enhances its strength and makes it easy to assemble and disassemble.
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$ 89.00 
Original Price:
$ 179.00 
All King & Queen estimated to be back in stock:End of AprilNote that there may be delays in arrival due to COVID-19. Sign up for the Email List in the "Stay in the Loop" section and we will notify you as soon as it is back in stock.
*Only available for the Rustic bed frame.

Our headboard features timeless design and adds sophistication to any bedroom. Simply slide your mattress back and place the headboard between the wall and mattress. They're extremely light and very sturdy. The headboard is made up of a wood frame on the inside to maintain its shape which is then covered by foam for comfort. The outside is covered by a removable linen which has a zipper making them interchangeable and washable for a fresh and clean look. Comes in double, queen, or king sizes. Ships in 1 box.

Package Details:
Double: L56" x W26" x H3" 18lbs

Queen: L62" x W26" x H3" 19lbs

King: L78" x W26" x H3" 23lbs
  • Chemical flame retardant free
  • No chemicals such as bromine are added to our headboard materials.
  • Our fabric has not undergone any stain resistant treatments. To remove stains we suggest to use a laundry detergent such as Tide and rinse with vinegar lightly. Do not use bleach as it can harm the fabric.
  • The VOC's apply to the bedframe and we use linseed oil for the finish.
  • Wood Bed Frame Canada
Free Shipping across Canada. Estimated delivery time is between 3-5 business days.
*Extra shipping charges may apply for Canadian territories (North West Territories, Nunavut, the Yukon, Labrador).
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Problems We've Solved

The Bed Frame Simplified
Let's be honest. Nobody wants to spend an entire day staring at instructions, trying to find the right tool, or losing screws when they are assembling a bed frame. They want to have a quick set up and get on with their day. With any Quagga bed, we've achieved just that. Not only are Quagga beds quick to assemble, they're fun to build. Everything fits together like a puzzle, and before you know it you're off to bed. It's just that simple.

Angled view of Rustic bed frame with no mattress.

Affordable but not Minimizing on Quality
Many bedframes nowadays are ridiculously expensive. All of our bed frames are less than $1,000 so that you can get the quality you deserve without having to break the bank. Because we believe that everyone deserves quality furniture in their home (and a quality night's sleep).

Close up of assembling Rustic bed frame.

Innovative Design
Why settle for a boring looking bed? At Quagga Designs, we love developing innovative and unique looking bed frames that not only stand out in the marketplace, they stand out in your home. That's right! Show of your bed to friends and family. We don't mind.

Bird's eye view of the corner of the Rustic bed frame.
Environmental Commitments

We use Birch plywood for our beds from forests located in Quebec, Canada. Replenishing forests and keeping the environment in mind is a priority for Quagga, so we make sure to only partner with companies that have responsible and sustainable stewardship practices at the forefront.

Linseed Oil
All of our beds are finished with non-toxic linseed oil which has been used for hundreds of years as a way of protecting wood. We love it because it's environmentally friendly and non-toxic, so you don't have to worry about harmful fumes filling up your home.

FSC® Approved
All of the wood we use is FSC® approved. FSC® stands for The Forest Stewardship Council which is an "international certification system for forests and forest products that promotes environmentally appropriate, socially beneficial and economically viable management of the world's forests." FSC® is recognized across the global marketplace as the most credible forest certification system. It is also supported by renowned organizations such as WWF Canada, Greenpeace, Rainforest Alliance, and the David Suzuki Foundation among others.