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Company Values

At Quagga, we put work-life balance, equality, and collab-oration at the fore-front.

Two people building the Tic Tac Toe bed by Quagga Designs.



We use only recyclable cardboard in our packaging. Styrofoam is not only messy, but bad for the environment and humanity as a whole.


We use all natural birch plywood that is FSC certified (the wood we use is responsibly managed) and non-toxic linseed oil as a finish.


From product, to packaging, to transportation, we are constantly finding ways to be kinder and as preserving of our planet as possible. Taking care of the environment is not just something that should be done on a personal level, but definitely on a business level as well.


Work-Life Balance

In order to have a healthy work environment, we believe in having a good work-life balance for our employees. The better you rest, the better you work. Burnout is not an option!


We do not discriminate based on race, gender, or sexual orientation. All are equal, and we hire based on talent and charisma.


Within our work environment, everyone is on the same playing field. There is no hierarchy, just roles. From the "top" to "bottom," everyone's opinion holds value.

Quagga team loading up a truck with Quagga bed frames.


We believe that high quality bed frames are not a luxury, but a necessity. That's why we partner with charities across Canada to provide high quality bed frames to those in need.

We do extensive research on those working in the factories who produce our products. We ensure that they are being ethically treated, and work shoulder-to-shoulder with them.

Customer-centric, not money-centric

One of our biggest pet-peeves is seeing big companies who only have deep pockets and dollar signs in their eyes. They say all of the right things, but once the money is in their hands, common decency is out the window.

That's why at Quagga Designs, no matter how much we scale as a company, our utmost priority is with our customers. Not only do we want to meet customer's expectations, but do our best to surpass them. After all, we wouldn't be here without them.