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Frequently Asked Questions

Bed Frames

Do you sell products for wholesale?
No, we do not sell our products for wholesale. Check out the shop or home page to buy online!

Will the mattress slide around on the bed frame?
Nope! The slats on most of our bed frames are turned side ways which creates friction between the mattress and the bed’s slats.

How much storage space is beneath the beds?
Tic-Tac-Toe®: 10 in.
Flex®: 10 in.
No Fuss Plus®: 6 in.
Rustic: 10 in.

What is the best way for me to transport the beds?
Once disassembled, the base and slats can be strapped and stacked onto each other for easy transport.

Do I need a box spring?
No, however if you would like to add one feel free!

How much weight can each bed frame hold?
Each bed can hold between 505lbs - 685lbs.

How heavy are your beds?
The average weight of our beds is 40kg (around 90 pounds).

What kind of stain do you use on the furniture?
We do not use any stain, however we apply linseed oil to the surface of our products. Linseed oil is environmentally friendly and brings out the natural beauty of the wood grain. It also deeply nourishes the wood while providing providing protection that is waterproof and abrasion resistant.

Where do you harvest the trees for your furniture?
The trees come from Quebec.

Should I worry about any off-gassing?
Our linseed oil finish is environmentally friendly and has no off-gassing.

How far apart are the slats?
No Fuss Plus®: 2.75"
Flex®: 2.75"
Tic Tac Toe®: 5" x 7"
Rustic: 2.75"

What are your products made from?
All our products come from Quebec and are made of birch plywood. We make our furniture out of birch because it is strong and stable.

How long do the bed frames take to assemble?
It varies from bed frame to bed frame, but they generally take under 10 minutes to assemble!

Can I stain or paint my bed frame?
You can stain or paint the Tic Tac Toe, No Fuss Plus, or Flex, but not the Rustic since we have already stained it for you. We use linseed oil on all of our bed frames (except for the Rustic) which you can paint over. We recommend using an oil based primer before you paint it because it sticks better than a latex primer.

What size does each bed frame come in?
Tic Tac Toe®: Double, Queen & King
Flex®: Queen & King
No Fuss Plus®: Single to Double & Queen to King
Rustic: Queen & King

Can I customize my Quagga bed frame?
You can customize the bed frames that come in the natural birch color (the Tic Tac Toe, No Fuss Plus, or Flex beds) as we only apply two layers of linseed oil. However, the Rustic is a bit more difficult because the linseed oil that we apply has pigment in it, so we wouldn't necessarily recommend customizing the Rustic bed frame.

Can the Headboard be used with any bed frame?
The Headboard was designed with the Rustic in mind, but yes, it can be used for any one of the other bed frames we sell! Just slide it between the mattress and the wall like you would with the Rustic. Just keep in mind, the mattress will slightly hang over the edge on the foot of the bed frame.

What do I do if my bed starts squeaking?
Overtime, this may happen but is unlikely. If it does, there's nothing to worry about because there is a simple solution to this (don't worry, it does not require you to buy an entirely new bed frame). You can use paste wax which you can find at your local hardware store. The cheapest you can buy is around $10 so it's very feasible. You can use this wax wherever it is squeaking, for example, in between the leg and a slat. It's best to look for non-toxic paste wax or you can even make your own at home with a combination of waxes.

Which mattresses are compatible with your bed frames?
Great question! Lots of mattress companies suggest specific characteristics to be met when pairing your mattress with a bed frame. Since our bed frames are unique, some of them won't meet those characteristics, but don't worry! We have tested them with a wide variety of mattresses including latex and soft ones like memory foam. So even though some of our bed frames won't exactly match with what mattress companies suggest when purchasing a bed frame, rest assured your Quagga bed frame will have your back.

How thick should my mattress be for the Rustic bed frame?

The distance from the top of the slats to the top of the sideboards of the Rustic is 4.75". We generally recommend 8 inches minimum for the thickness of the mattress, otherwise the sideboards might get in the way.

What kind of adhesives are used in the plywood that makes it non-toxic?
We use adhesives that have zero VOC, is non-flammable, non-toxic, and water-based.

How do your bed frames handle humid environments?
We use CARB (California Air Resources Board) P2 glue, meaning it has one of the most stringent regulation in effect to limit formaldehyde emissions from composite wood products and stands up to humid temperatures quite well. The moisture content of the birch plywood that we use is around 15%.

We would love to see you assemble it! Feel free to take a time-lapse of yourself assembling your Quagga bed frame or document the process by tagging @quagga.designs on Instagram or your preferred social media platform.


Is there a way to attach headboards to any of the beds?
We have Headboards available for the Rustic bed frames. You can purchase them here!

Do you have any useful videos for the beds?
Yes, we do! You can find us on YouTube at https://www.youtube.com/user/quaggadesigns

Which bed is the easiest to assemble?
The No Fuss Plus® bed frame because you simply place the slats into the base.

Which beds require no hardware?
The Tic-Tac-Toe® and the No Fuss Plus® bed.


Which carrier do you use?
We mainly use FedEx, although it may be different depending on location.

Help! I can't track my package!
After you receive your confirmation email and once your package has officially shipped and left the warehouse, you will receive an email notifying you that your package has shipped where you will be able to track your package.

I have received a Shipping notification email but still am not able to track my package. What do I do?
If for whatever reason you cannot track your package despite receiving a tracking number, simply Google "track (insert tracking number)" and a link will appear where you can track your package. If that does not work, feel free to contact us and we will see what we can do!

How many boxes do the beds ship in?
Most of our beds ship 2 boxes.

Do you ship to APO/FPO addresses?
No, we do not ship to APO/FPO addresses.

Can I ship my order to my PO Box?
No, we do not ship orders to PO Boxes.

Do you charge for shipping?
We provide free shipping across Canada except for shipping charges that may apply to Canadian territories (North West Territories, Nunavut, the Yukon, Labrador).

How long will it take for my order to arrive?
The average shipment takes around 3-5 business days.

Will my card be charged at checkout or time of shipment?
It takes from 24 hours to a couple of days to process the payment.

Do you sell internationally?
At the moment, unfortunately we do not. We are planning on selling in the United States soon and expanding from there!

Help! My package didn't arrive!
Relax! We'll do our best to sort this out.
If this happens, the first thing to do is check your tracking number and see where your package is at. It may be on the way but just hasn't arrived yet.
Another thing that may have happened is your carrier (usually FedEx) attempted to deliver your package three times and you were not home. As a result, it is being held at a FedEx facility. Call FedEx at 1-800-463-3339 to see what is going on and see if you can pick it up at a nearby FedEx facility.
If you have done these things and the issue is still not resolved, please contact us at hello@quaggadesigns.com and we will do our best to help you!


What is your return policy?
If you are not fully satisfied with your bed, you can return it after 100 days no questions asked! Just make sure you keep the original packaging.

Can I get a refund?
Yes. You have 100 days to try out the product, and if you are not satisfied you will receive a full refund.

How do I receive my refund?
Please contact us letting us know you would like to return the item. We will send you shipping labels, and we will issue you a full refund. Keep in mind, the refund will take a couple of business days to process and appear on your card.

Missing & Damaged Pieces

The carrier is saying that my package is delivered but I do not have my package. What do I do?
Please contact us and we will follow up for you.

What do I do if I am missing pieces?
First of all, your packages may be arriving separately so please check your tracking number to see what the status of it is. If the packages you receive are missing pieces, please reach out to us and will send see what we can do.

I have pieces that are damaged. What do I do?
If you have minor scruffs/dents/scratches, use a little bit of linseed oil which can be found at your local hardware store. We use this oil on all of our bed frames. It is non-toxic, eco-friendly, and has been used for generations to help restore the vitality of furniture. We recommend using a linseed oil with the least amount of ingredients for optimal results.

I have parts that are completely broken. What do I do?
Please contact us with a photo of the broken item, name and address and we will see what we can do!


What is a backorder?
It means that we have a waiting list as certain products are sold out.

How do I cancel my order?
Please email us at hello@quaggadesigns.com as soon as possible and we will do our best to contact the warehouse to stop the process of the order. Be careful when you are filling in your information at the checkout page - as soon as you press "Process Order" our warehouse will be notified and start processing and shipping the order.

*Please note: We cannot guarantee that your order will be cancelled due to how quickly our warehouse operates. Apologies in advance, we will do our best.

Do you offer any discounts?
We offer a 10% discount to Active Duty, Retired and Reserve members of the Canadian Armed Forces and the Coast Guard. Valid proof of service is required. Submit a photo of your military ID to hello@quaggadesigns.com

About Quagga Designs

Where does the name “Quagga Designs” come from?
We stumbled upon the “Quagga” (an extinct Zebra) many years ago and just loved the name. We find that many furniture companies do not value quality for customers. Quagga Designs aims to “bring back quality from extinction,” by providing high quality furniture for a reasonable price. Learn more about the company and the founders here!

How can I keep up to date with Quagga Designs?
Follow us on social media (Instagram, Facebook, TikTok and YouTube). You can also join our email list on the home page to be notified when we are doing sales and for restocks!

Will you be selling to other countries other than Canada?
Yes, we will. We will be considering selling to the USA sometime in 2021 and expand from there.

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