The Devil in the wood(s)! Six effective tips to get rid of termites

August 19, 2020

There is nothing worse than finding out that termites are in your home. Not only are these insects an incredible nuisance, they also spread quickly around the house, form colonies and hide in the corners of furniture and walls. They also destroy objects made of wood and even concrete in a matter of seconds.

A hole from termites

It is often difficult to take action against termites, because they are often only noticed when they have done a damage. In such cases, it helps to call experienced experts who will take care of the problem.

However, if you look closely, you can find out early whether termites are in the house and tackle the problem.

How Do You Find Out if there are Termites in your House?

Here are two suggestions to know if there are termites in your home:

1. Piles of dust near your furniture

If you see something like this, you should press the wood of the furniture to find out if it is hollow on the inside.

2. Cracks in the walls

Termites build tunnels and travel around the house in this way. It is always helpful to see if there is wood, firewood, or rubble near your home. At times, this can be the source of the termites plaguing your home.

How Do You Get Rid of Termites?

Now that you know how to find out if there are termites in your house, it is time to learn a few simple tricks on how to get rid of the insects and save your house from a termite infestation.

Man cleaning his stairs inside of his home.

As you already know, you will probably need professional help if the termite plague has already spread. Fortunately, at an early stage, there are some cheap, simple products that can help you solve the problem.


 bottle of vinegar

Vinegar not only kills termites, it also prevents other termites from nesting in your home. Vinegar can be mixed with water in a 1:1 ratio to make it most effective.

You can pour the vinegar water into a spray bottle and use it to spray the mixture on furniture and walls.

2.Clove oil


You can find clove oil in most health food stores, in pharmacies or in shops that specialize in perfumes and cleaning products.

Clove oil can be used to kill termites on floors by wiping floors with it. The termites will not survive and, as a bonus, your house will end up smelling great!

3.Orange oil

A bottle of orange oil surrounded by oranges and orange peels.

For obvious reasons, many people want to avoid using toxins to get rid of termites. For this reason, orange oil is a great choice because it easily kills termites, and at the same time does not harm any other house residents.

You can put the orange oil on a damp cloth to wipe surfaces that have been affected by termites. You can also use it to wipe pieces of furniture so that they don't get infected. However, keep in mind that orange oil only works with a small termite population.

4.Kerosene or lubricant

Kerosene and lubricants are also used in termite control. However, there is one disadvantage: they can be toxic to pets and humans. For this reason, you should be careful when using these substances.

Take a damp rag and use it to wipe furniture that has been infested with termites. If you use lubricant, you should take a spray bottle.


If you use Borax in a termite infested environment, the termites will be attracted to it and consume it. The termites will quickly die off.

If you use Borax, you should wear safety glasses and gloves. Mix 0.45 kg of Borax powder with almost 4 liters of water and spray the areas affected by termites with it. Remember that you shouldn't let children or animals near Borax.


As you can imagine, insecticides can also be used to put an end to termites. Insecticides protect your furniture from re-infestation. Pay attention to the instructions when you use the product for the first time.

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