Somniloquy: speaking in your sleep?

December 21, 2020

He who sleeps does not sin. This is a common phrase, but the strangest things happen to us when we sleep.

There are the sleepwalkers who unconsciously move from one place to another. Others go to the refrigerator at night and eat while they seem to be resting (sleep-related eating disorder). It is also not uncommon for people to talk in their sleep. Of course, you never notice actually notice anything unless your partner tells you about it.

So what about this strange sleeping behavior, which is also known as Somniloquy.

What is Somniloquy?

Somniloquy (also: Somniloquy, Somnilo punishment) means talking or speaking during sleep, which is sometimes referred to as sleep speaking. The Somniloquy belongs to the group of parasomnias (disorders that lead to unusual behavior at night) such as bed-wetting, grinding teeth or sleepwalking. However, it is less of a real sleep disorder and more of a behavioral problem that occurs during sleep.

People who suffer from somniloquy speak or make noises during sleep without being aware of it.

Some are even able to hold a conversation while others only groan or express different sounds.

What makes you talk while you sleep?

The causes are not really known to mankind. Speaking can occur in people with high stress levels or with completely healthy individuals.

However, if you have a fever, alcohol consumption or take certain medications might lead to somniloquy. Also a lack of sleep or just restlessness during the night can cause it as well.

We don't know what causes it, but if it runs in your family, the tendency is high that you have or will develop it as well.

Who is most effected by Somniloquy?

It is most common in children. Studies show that between 4 to 14% of children speak during their sleep and 22 tp 60% occasionally. Statistics show that between 1 to 5 % of adults speak while sleeping. It is also a fact that twice as many men talk in their sleep compared to woman.

When do you talk during your sleep?

Common belief is that you talk while you dream. However, most of the time somniloquy occurs between dream phases.

Screaming during sleep!

When dreams are exciding or very intense that could lead to screaming. Often times this will end the dream and the individual is waking up in a sweat with heavy breathing. This usually occurs only during very intense or exciding dreams. There is often a fear associated with screaming. Screaming is also more common in children than adults. It is often referred to as night terrors.

What exactly do you say in your sleep?

The most common word is "no" or insults and swear words. A study was conducted in Paris, France with 232 people and a total of 800 episodes were recorded. About 60 percent were laughing, screaming or senseless murmuring. Every tenth sound was a swear phrase. Researchers assume during the sleep phase one is more willing to express ones opinion informally.

Will you reveal secrets in your sleep?

Most of the time the words spoken during sleep are barely or not at all understandable. Problems might arise when swear words are mentioned in conjunction with names. Especially if the partner is awake.

Does it have side effects?

Usually no need to worry as it will slowly disappear as we get older. However, if it is a symptom that is associated with another illness or health problem, one should consult with an experienced doctor.

How can I fix this problem?

There is not much one can do. The best option is to relax maybe read a book or yoga before going to bed. If there are more serious psychological problems or disorders such as fear or trauma, it is advisable to consult a psychotherapist.