Why Wood in the Bedroom?

February 21, 2019

In addition to stone, wood is by far the oldest building material of mankind and has always had a special appeal. After all, it is an organic, naturally grown material, it is easy to process and has unique characteristics. Early furniture was made entirely from natural products such as wood and today is also an integral part of modern interior design. Wood in the bedroom has a positive effect on sleep – both mentally and physically.

The History of Mankind is Unthinkable without Wood

Without wood, the history of humanity would have been completely different – and not just because our ancestors would have not been able to live on trees.

It is probably not an exaggerated assertion that the natural raw material was (and is) important for housing developments – without it, hardly any progress would have been possible, from making fires to making tools to buildings – and most importantly, of course: as an air source.

The Perfect Material for Bedroom Furniture

In the bedroom, wood is the classic material for beds, bedside tables, dressers etc. Of course, natural material is found everywhere and in every household to – be it as solid wood or in the form of pressed chipboard. Depending on the type of wood and the appearance, the advantages and disadvantages are different, but the bottom line is that the wood wins in terms of diversity, sustainability and appearance above other materials such as metal, glass or plastic, which are also often used for furniture construction.

There is more than one reason for this, but perception is more important. Wood not only feels warm and gentle, but already has a purely visually soothing and relaxing effect on people. In addition, the usability is so diverse that there is suitable furniture with different woods for every taste. This is why we at Quagga Designs prefer wood over any other material.

Wooden Furniture Helps you to Sleep Well

Many scientists have done studies whether wood has a positive effect on our sleep behavior. However, without unanimous results. What is proven, however, is that certain types of wood have a soothing effect of the body – have you ever lit a scented candle with sandalwood scent?

Another classic is pine wood, which comes from the pine tree native to North America and has a very characteristic and aromatic fragrance. In experiments, the researchers were able to prove that when sleeping in a pine bed or simply with the scent of the wood, blood pressure drops and the heartbeat slows down – about 3,500 strokes less were needed in a single night. The exact reasons for this are still being investigated, but there seems to be a mixture of several factors. The essential oils, which even dry pine or sandalwood still emits, have a great influence. Even below the limit of perception, they still have a relaxing effect on the whole organism, promote deep sleep, improve breathing and strengthen the heart and circulation.

It also improves the indoor climate when people choose furniture made from natural materials. The reason for this is the organic structure with fine micropores, through which they can absorb and release moisture. This has a balancing effect on the environment and prevents both very humid and very dry air – the former favours the multiplication of germs and bacteria, the latter, on the other hand, leads to dehydration of the mucous membranes and irritates the airways.

Another advantage using wood in the bedroom: it is anti static and does not charge itself due to friction with different textiles. This means that fine dust particles and small airy lint do not stick to its surface, which facilitates thorough and careful cleaning and reduces the number of allergens.

It is important to relax before falling asleep and to free our heads in the figurative sense from the things surrounding us.

Different Types of Wood

Not all wooden furniture is suitable for a bedroom. Sealed panels, such as particle board consist of chips and scraped residues, which may achieve an appearance reminiscent of natural materials, but ultimately produces a surface made of plastic without natural properties.

For this reason, wood in the bedroom should be the preferable choice if possible – it offers high resistance, is only slightly chemically treated and proves to be as resistant as it is resistant. Typical wood is the pine, which is characterized by rapid growth, a high proportion of essential oils and a straight growth. The following types of wood are used frequently:


Here at Quagga we use Birch for our beds because of its hardness and strength. The hardness makes machining of the Birch very easy. The heartwood color varies from cream to light brown tinged with red and has a distinct but not overwhelming grain pattern. It also sands and finishes well with linseed oil. Birch can take a lot of abuse as it is very hard and that makes it ideal for bedroom furniture.


Beech trees are very straight trees with a height of up to 50 metres, which do not form branches in their lower area. The slow growth makes this material a rare and very noble solution.


Like beech, oak is a slow-growing hardwood and can reach an age of several hundred and up to 1000 years. With bedroom furniture made out of oak can last for several generations.


Pine is rich in essential oils, grows relatively fast and has a straight trunk. Due to its rapid growth and robust nature, it is widely used in the furniture making.

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