The Dark Side of Rising too Early

December 15, 2020

"A Frequently Underestimated Sleep Disorder"

Sleeping disorders are a common disease that is underestimated. It is reported that nearly ten percent of all employees suffer from sleep problems, which make them unintentionally fall asleep during the day, repeatedly wake up at night, or wake up too early in the morning.

Waking up too Early in the Morning

There are actually people who live with very little sleep and are regularly awake early without this affecting their lives and health. However, there are exceptions. As a rule, an adult needs at least seven hours of sleep at night to recover adequately from their daily lives- both mentally and physically.

Man yawning while sitting on bed

The danger is that waking up early in the morning does not seem to pose a direct problem. Only a few of those who wake up too early feel refreshed in the morning and are ready to get up. Instead, they suffer the effects of their lack of sleep all day long.

Sleep Disorders Manifest Themselves in Various Forms.

There are different types of sleepers - from the early risers to the night owls. In the early days, these types of people complemented each other, but in a time of shift work and irregular working hours, it is obvious that not all people with their sleep rhythms correspond to this rigid set of rules. This is likely to be the main trigger for the rapid increase in sleep disturbances that has been observed for decades.

The Reasons Why People Wake up too Early

There's no doubt that everyone needs sleep. Unlike most other physical characteristics, however, this can be manipulated more and - if necessary - temporarily suppressed, in order to increase performance over a period of time. The main reason why people wake up too early is due to a continuous and sometimes unconscious strain on the psyche.

Woman covering her face with a pillow while lying on bed.

Often, for example, the feeling of not having enough time during the day to carry out all the tasks in question is responsible. Another reason is high nervousness due to an imminent event. The classic situation is an important test the following day, which leads to waking up too early. This feeling can manifest itself permanently with the affected persons always waking up too early in the long term, even though there is actually no reason for this.

A Flex Bed Frame from Quagga Designs
Flex bed frame from Quagga Designs

Only in very few cases do people, who wake up very early, have the desire to get up. Exactly this fact distinguishes them from the early risers, which have a natural, genetic predisposition to wake up early in the morning and therefore usually go to bed in time. Instead, it is behaviour that contradicts its very nature and therefore has corresponding, negative consequences.

Better Sleep Through an Individual Bed

Although it is not always the primary cause, a suitable bed can in many cases help those effected to find the necessary sleep. Having an uncomfortable bed results in a poor night's sleep. Those who constantly roll back and forth without finding a comfortable position will naturally find no peace.

Bed frame

In addition a suitable mattress and bed frame play a decisive role. Even the use of a simple neck pillow tailored to your own preferences can help to significantly increase well-being and avoid tension during sleep.

Soft memory foam pillow

Chronic Cases Require Holistic Treatment

Doctors and scientists assume chronic insomnia if it lasts more than three months and occurs at least twice a week. In these circumstances, a lasting impairment of one's own quality of life and health is likely, so it is essential that measures be taken.

Tic Tac Toe bed frame in custom white paint colour
Quagga Designs Tic Tac Toe Bed painted white.

Even in the case of an acute crisis with a high nervous load or after a traumatic event, it is important that the body rests at least somewhat. If this does not happen, any reserves are quickly exhausted and late effects only show up with a delay, especially in the case of sleep problems, but have an even more serious effect.

Sleeping Better: A Healthy Basis for Everyday Life

The early bird may catch some worms-but only if they can sleep sufficiently beforehand. If not, it is likely to fail, as fatigue impairs reaction, perception, and general mood. It is definitely not an advantage to wake up too early, although more rest would be required.

Quagga Designs Rustic Bed Frame
Quagga Designs Rustic Bed Frame

In order for people to get enough sleep, certain conditions are required to make the night's rest comfortable: without them, it can easily happen that they wake up prematurely because the muscles are tightening up or the body is under strain. An ergonomic bed and suitable pillows make a decisive contribution to not being able to lie awake in the morning and be able to sleep until you get up.

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