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July 14, 2020

During our lives, we spend more than a third of our lives sleeping. It makes sense then, to carefully consider which bed to pick. There are a ton of things to consider like cost, materiawl, and size before considering buying a bed. So don’t rush! When it comes to material, most common are wood and metal.

So which one is better? Here is why we believe wood beds are far superior to metal beds.

  1. Metal beds have a tendency to creak
  2. Metal beds can’t be customized
  3. They have a shorter life span
  4. Wooden beds are more stylish
  5. Wooden beds, like Quagga beds, assemble in a flash
  6. Wooden beds like Quagga beds are environmentally friendly

The design of a metal bed can be flimsy, which results in a mattress not supported correctly. The mattress will sit on metal slats which provide no flexibility.

Our wooden slats provide much better flexibility than any metal alternatives. This will result in a much longer lifespan for your mattress. In addition, the noise a metal bed can make can prevent you from getting a good night’s sleep. This is why our joints are crafted so that you get a good night’s rest without squeaks or creaks.

The bed is the centerpiece of your room and should make a bold statement. That said, wooden bed frames fit into almost any décor. It should really emphasize the wood grain and in addition, be as environmentally friendly as possible. This is why we use linseed oil, to protect the wood and bring out the warmth of the grain.

Another drawback with metal frames is the short life span, as indicated above. The metal parts wear out over time, whereas wood parts last much longer and can be easily replaced if necessary.

I addition to the short life span, wooden bed frames resale value is much higher. It is worth to spend a little bit more initially. We think it makes sense because a good night’s sleep is essential to function properly.

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