Brand Assets

Thank you for joining our Affiliate Program! Below are our brand's resources. Feel free to download them and add them to your blog, website, or wherever you see fit.

Our Name

Quagga Designs is spelt with "Quagga" and "Designs" separately, not "QuaggaDesigns" or "quaggadesigns" etc. Both the "Q" and "D" are capitalized only.


We use Playfair Display (condensed if possible) as our main font and Roboto Regular as our body.


Below are our brand colours. Copy the HEX below.
We mainly use the orange as our primary brand colour along with black for accents. The light grey is used occasionally to separate assets/sections when necessary.

Free the Quagga!

The old logo had the Quagga in a box but no more - he needed to be freed. Below are our logos in various brand colours. Download as SVG or PNG.
Old Quagga Designs logo.
Old Logo
Correct Quagga Designs logo.
New Logo
Primary Quagga Designs logo.
Primary Logo
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White Quagga Designs logo with black background.
Download SVG or PNG
White Quagga Designs logo with orange background.
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Orange Quagga Designs logo.
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Click the link below to download a ZIP file containing photos from each of our bed frames. Don't worry - we made sure to keep the file size for each photo small (around 100KB) so that it will not compromise the speed of your website. If there are any other photos you would like from us, please let us know at!
Download Images

The Boring (but important) Stuff

A reminder that these logos are protected under intellectual property laws. Make sure you do not: