Wood Bed Frames: What is the Best Bed Frame for You?

Drawings of each Quagga Designs bed frame.


The Almighty Tic Tac ToeThe Cottage Country RusticThe Flexible FlexThe Expandable No Fuss Plus

So, you've decided you want to buy a wood bed frame! You want something minimal, sturdy, and modern with natural characteristics. Great! You've taken the first step in choosing what you want your bed to be made of. The next question then is: what type?

Before jumping the gun and impulse-buying, it's important to ask yourself a couple of questions. For example: do you sleep by yourself or with a partner? Do you think you might want to upgrade your mattress size in the future? How much storage space do you want beneath your bed? Do aesthetics matter more to you than anything else? Take a minute to think of a couple of things that matter most to you when selecting a quality wood bed frame.

Throughout this guide, we will go over each Quagga Designs bed frame to see which is most suitable for you. Each of our bed frames has certain features for a particular type of person in mind. You won't go wrong with buying any of the options, but if there is a quality that is most important to you, it's good to know which Quagga bed frame outshines the other in this area.

We've also rated each bed frame out of five in the following categories: Aesthetics, Sturdiness, Weight Capacity, Storage Space, and Assembly Difficulty. This gives you a quick visual to make an informed decision right away. Enough talk, let's dive in!

Disclaimer: The scores we give are just our opinion in comparison to each frame to help you decide between them. We promise, all of our beds are unique, sturdy, strong, and easy to assemble, just some are a bit more than others. At the end of the day, you can't go wrong with what you choose!

The Almighty Tic Tac Toe®

Tic Tac Toe bed.
The Tic Tac Toe bed frame

Standout Features: It's our best seller and it's very unique.

You won't find another bed frame on the market that looks quite like this one. It's great for people who want something that is unique and very strong (maximum weight capacity is 781lbs).

Made from birch plywood, the slats cross over one another in a way that resembles a tic tac toe board. This makes for an extremely sturdy, solid, and unique looking bed frame.

How to assemble the Tic Tac Toe bed frame

In addition to it's sturdiness and unique look, it's also extremely easy to assemble, requiring no hardware, and it does not squeak because of how sturdy it is. Did we also mention that for all of the amazing features that you get, it's extremely affordable compared to other bed frames? If you're looking for something that is sturdy, can carry a lot of weight, and is easy to assemble this is your best bet!

Our Rating:

Tic Tac Toe rating infographic.

The Cottage Country Rustic®

A Rustic bed frame with mattress, pillows, and headboard.
The Rustic bed frame

Standout Features: Look at her... she's gorgeous!!

This bed was made for those living a more "rustic" cottage country lifestyle. However, the Rustic's clean and straight lines also make it very modern, making it the perfect blend of rugged and modern. The darker stain really brings out the wood's grain. The Rustic also tends to fly off the shelves making it a close competitor to the Tic Tac Toe.

Short GIF showing how the Rustic assembles
How to assemble the Rustic bed frame

In our opinion, this is the best for people who want a beautiful bed that is also reliable.

Our Rating:

Rustic rating infographic.

The Expandable No Fuss Plus®

No Fuss Plus bed frame.
The No Fuss Plus bed frame

Standout Features: It's unlike anything on the bed frame market because it is the only one that can expand from one bed size to the next!!

This bed frame is best for those on a budget, because you're basically getting two bed frames in one. Do you have a single bed frame that you might want to upgrade to a double size mattress? Not a problem, there's a No Fuss Plus® bed frame for that. What about Queen to King? No worries. That's also available.

How to assemble the No Fuss Plus bed frame

Another secondary feature, that this bed frame has, is its amazingly easy assembly. It's also extremely strong because the plywood slats used are inserted into the bed base on their sides. If you want something that is expandable and strong, this is your best option!

Our Rating:

No Fuss Plus rating infographic.

The Flexible Flex®

Flex bed frame.
The Flex bed frame

Standout Features: It comes with nightstands, so it's perfect for couples.

The nice thing about this bed frame is that the nightstands are optional. So, if you are single or just simply do not want to have nightstands, then you have the option of having both nightstands, one, or none! They are easy to store away and come included with the bed frame, so the choice is yours. No more hunting down additional nightstands to match with your bed frame.

How to assemble the Flex bed frame

In addition to saving money on nightstands, the Flex also uses "mortise and tenon" joints where the mortise is the cavity and the tenon is the piece that fits into the mortise. This type of joint has been used for thousands of years and for good reason - it's considered to be one of the strongest woodworking joints.

Close up of someone placing a Flex slat onto a Flex base bed.
Mortise & tenon joint on the Flex bed

We have also added a center beam for even more strength, and the bed's legs come preassembled. What more could you ask for?

Flex bed frame with center beam exposed.
Flex bed frame with center beam exposed

If you want a beautiful bed that is easy to assemble, strong, and comes with extra bells and whistles like the nightstands, this is for you.

Our Rating:

Flex rating infographic.


Don't get too caught up in the ratings we've given each bed. You may agree or disagree with some of the scores, and that's fine! These are just our opinion. The main thing here is to focus on what you value most and go from there.

If you don't want to just take our word for it, you can also have a look at the product pages for each bed where past customers have left their thoughts.

Thank you for taking the time to read this! We hope it was at least somewhat helpful in giving you some clarity on which bed frame would suit you the best for your needs.

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